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Self-cooking Kitchen

Our vision is to build a family of products each performing essential tasks of kitchen. Automation has to help human beings not only avoid menial tasks but also improve creativity. Our products and any other offerings will always be complementary to human effort. We work hard on our product roadmap staying true to our vision. This page will be updated with products and product ideas that are incorporated into Axon Product Roadmap. 


Tandoori delicacies right in your kitchen.


Ever wondered why we never get to make any Tandoori related food items at our home? We did; and we are building the product just for that. Traditional tandoor is about as much art as it is about science. Conduction, radiation, very high temperature and so on. At the same time, it requires a highly skilled individual to prepare tandoori dishes. We wanted to democratize the process and empower anyone to make tandoori delicacies at their homes. Meet iTandoor. 

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