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Fresh idlis in your kitchen with a single click

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Fresh is the word. At Axon, providing people with healthy ways to consume food is of the utmost importance. Idlis are best consumed immediately after preparation. Storage of any kind effects the taste and quality. IdliByte automatically makes 4 idlis in under 2 mins. All you need to do it to load the ingredients beforehand, click and relax. So make idlis exactly when you want to eat, without having to put in all the effort. IdliByte brings automation to breakfast.

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The elegant touch screen allows user to select and customize the number of idlis required. It shows the status of preparation, ingredient levels, warning signs and much more. The intuitive design based on the most used mobile apps means that there is almost no learning curve for users. 

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A table-top robot

Like with any other product, we at Axon made IdliByte suitable for any domestic kitchen. That means the footprint and size is optimized ruthlessly. It can now sit on a dining table or a  kitchen top and basically download idlis.

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Just Idlis? Not enough.

IdliByte comes as a whole package. It stores batter, water, oil etc to cook idlis. There is also storage of chutney and sambar. When idlis are automatically ejected onto the plate, chutney and sambar can be served as per user taste.

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Automatic dispensing

An ample storage unit inside has space to keep ingredients for 40 idlis in one go. Containers can easily be removed and cleaned regularly. Users are notified when ingredients need a refilling. 

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Air. We let it flow.

A lot of heat is generated while cooking idlis. The exhaust system is designed to keep the system cool while holding the idlis hot. Hot air flow has been simulated to place vents and blowers accordingly. 

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Hot Idlis served.

The system is designed so user do not have to touch any of the cooking parts while in operation. After preparation, idlis are served automatically onto user's plate. 

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