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Atta making is now a child's play. Quite literally.

InstaKneader is the result of our massive learning from the consumer market. While some wanted full automation, there are several individuals and families who have been struggling dealing with a part of roti making process - kneading. We heard you! InstaKneader is created with a singular focus of solving this problem. And it turned out an elegant product with unbelievable footprint and weight.


Measuring Jars. And their place!

InstaKneader empowers even cooking-novices with custom measuring jars.  Get perfect dough every time. Such accessories of products are lost within no time. So we gave a first-of-its-kind storage space for your measuring jars. Misplacement is a thing of the past. 


The Footprint

We built InstaKneader for every consumer kitchen in the country. This required us to trim every gram and cc which is not necessary. Fitting in 30 cm X 20 cm X 20 cm volume and weighing less than 3 kgs  it is smaller and lighter than your mixer-grinder.


Knead and Store

The kneading jar provided with InstaKneader has a capacity to knead for 25 rotis at once. You don't need to use it all at once. The container servers even as a storage unit of kneaded dough for a few hours. The strong container is designed to withstand high stress and last long.


Auto Switch-off Timer

InstaKneader requires as little attention as possible from the user. Load the ingredients and set the timer. It mixes the atta, kneads and makes a soft dough without any need for monitoring. It automatically turns off after the process. Neat, isn't it?


No Vibration. No Noise.

The internal structure of InstaKneader has a hybrid build with plastic and metal components. It dampens the vibrations and gives a smooth experience for the user. The noiseless operation is a delight in any kitchen. 



Our custom designed blade is made of high grade, lightweight aluminium. You can remove it for cleaning and place it back without a hassle. The smooth finish avoids any dough sticking on the surface. 

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