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The perfect kitchen companion

Rotibyte is your personal rotimaker making several kinds of flatbreads sitting right on the kitchen top. All you need to do is click and relax! Built ground up with patent-pending blade design Rotibyte is your perfect kitchen companion. By automating one of the hardest tasks in kitchen, RotiByte brings home automation to the next level.

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Small. Cute. And useful

We spent insane amount of time on designing the machine for customer's kitchen. Rotibyte sits comfortably on a kitchen top, dining table and even a side table. It stores rotis inside our Hot Chamber and you don't need to stand by the appliance to collect rotis. 


The UI

Smartest of the products need even smarter User Interfaces. Rotibyte features a touch screen with highly intuitive UI so users can just start using the machine with zero learning curve. There are options to customize every roti to your and your family's taste. 


Patent-pending Blade Design

The unique design allows our blade to mix, knead and prepare round dough balls. And all of this in under 40 seconds per roti! Easy to remove and reinstall, easy to clean and is good on the eye. 


The Storage

We are obsessed with user experience and their journey with Rotibyte. Carefully curated features also include storage space enough for 25-30 rotis in one go. The containers are removable so you can clean when required and place them back on the appliance.  


The Doors

Safety of the user and the food come first in any of Axon's products. While they look super-cute on Rotibyte, the doors keep foreign particles away from your food and keeps the user safe while operating. 


Food Grade Promise

Our customers are health and hygiene conscious. We took utmost care in selecting materials to build the product. Robust, light and food grade certified material for any part that is touching your food. 

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