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The Next Generation Homes

Home Automation with high-utility products

Axon Robotics &  IoT

Under the hood, Axon Machines is a robotics company building really complex systems. We are one of the first companies in the country trying to bring automation to homes in the form of table top robots. Most of our products are made to be connected to the internet. Staying true to our name, we envision building a vast network of products getting better over time. This means building an efficient network architecture, IoT hardware & firmware, building data handling systems, algorithms and so on. All of this on top of developing kickass robots. We are thrilled to be able to deal with end-to-end "hardware tech-stack". This is what sets Axon apart. Industrial robots have proven to be a game changer for Industry 4.0 revolution. Homes and kitchens are to follow suit. We cannot wait to show you the future!


Authentic Tandoori items right in your kitchen.


Cooking Temperature inside iTandoor reaches 450 Celsius. 

Juicy skewers or Tandoori flatbreads, pamper with your cravings with hygienic food.


Freshly cooked idlis for your healthy lifestyle

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Axon Machines
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